To ensure the sustainability of our forest resources, we establish a set of harvesting rules and operating standards. For instance, we typically only harvest timber meeting the minimum stem circumference requirements. Our standard of forestry operations was recognized by the FSC, an independent accreditation body that is dedicated to promoting responsible and sustainable forest management.


we are one of the few forestry companies that have successfully implemented FSC-certified operations, including forest management, harvesting and manufacturing of wood products. We commenced our FSC business operations in 2016,We also have built a professional forest management team to implement FSC forest management. Our forest management team is led by our head of forest engineer who is qualified to carry out FSC forest management and the key members of our team have an average of over 8 years of experience in FSC forest management.

Legality :100% traceable through the whole supply chain from harvest to export ;

FSC:We have been in negotiation with some forest owners in Peru regarding the possible FSC forest management collaboration.which guarantees our responsibility of forest management and wood traceability.

Carbon credits:We intend to capture the significant growth in the carbon market by taking the advantage of our own concession rights reserves and professional FSC forest management team.