Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

Carbon Credits

Carbon sinks absorb and store CO2 from the atmosphere, and can be found in forests, oceans, wetlands, grasslands, and soils.

Key for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and preventing dangerous global warming.

Efforts to enhance carbon sinks include reforestation, afforestation, and sustainable land management. 

Carbon offsetting is a promising application of carbon sinks.

Carbon sinks are gaining attention and being used to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions and support sustainable development.

Forests are the most widely applied carbon sink, storing about one-third of the world's terrestrial carbon.

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Why Carbon Credits?

Technical Limitation

Given current lifestyle and power supply infrastructure and cost reasons, neither individuals nor industries can significantly reduce green house emissions to meet global neutralization target.

Limited Carbon Allowance

To fulfil government &industry requirements, companies need to purchase carbon credits in addition to given carbon allowance in order    to to offset emissions from both operations and productions.

Lower Cost

Green energy equipments and supply are costly and limited in availability, it is impossible for large and mature enterprises to switch power supply to all green.