Nature Wood Group Limted

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Nature Wood Group Limted is a global leading vertically-integrated forestry company headquartered in Macau that focuses on FSC business operations. The operations cover both up-stream forest management and harvesting, and down-stream wood-processing and distribution. We offer a broad line of products, including logs, decking, flooring, sawn timber, recycled charcoal, synthesized charcoal, machine-made charcoal and essential oils, primarily through our sales network in Europe, South Asia, South America, North America and China.

According to the Frost & Sullivan Report, we are (i) the second largest wood products export supplier; (ii) the second largest wood products export supplier certified by the FSC; and (iii) the largest decking product supplier, in Peru in terms of export value in 2021. We are also the largest oak export supplier and the second largest hardwood export supplier, in France in terms of export volume in 2021.

The company is committed to the sustainable management of forests, efficient use of resources, continuous development of new products, and provide high-quality products and services consistently.



Our mission is to promote zero-carbon lifestyle to our customers by implementing sustainable forest management and providing eco-friendly and high-quality wood products to our customers.

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